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Your Partner for Software Business Growth since 2005

Nalpeiron came first. We are the leader in cloud-based software licensing, entitlement management, and monetization. Unlike our competitors, we have two issued US patents on our technology, and we will be your long-term partner, not just a supplier.
Many of our customers have been with us for over ten years, and we have helped them grow from startups to IPO/M&A. Thanks for trusting us to help you!

Welcome to the Zentitle2 documentation hub.

Here, you will find in-depth information on all aspects of the Zentitle2 platform, covering topics such as utilizing the Zentitle2 dashboard to set up and configure your products and offerings, integrating Zentitle2 into your back-office for process automation, and leveraging the Zentitle2 licensing APIs seamlessly within your applications.
Thank you for choosing our platform, and let's start on this journey of software monetization excellence.

What is Zentitle2?

Zentitle is a comprehensive enterprise-class “Software Monetization as a Service” for SaaS, IoT, and On-Premise Software vendors.
The Zentitle platform currently hosts hundreds of millions of monthly transactions with over $1B+ Software Protected. It saves our customers time and money when they want to go to market fast.
Zentitle empowers you to monetize the software you have created.

Quick Start
Onboard your team and get required credentials
Setup Your Products
All about our architecture and adding your products
Premium Features
Learn more about premium add-on features
Licensing API
How to activate, query and manage entitlements from applications (ideal for on-prem. apps)
Management API
The REST API to manage entitlements within the Zentitle2 platform (ideal for SaaS apps)
How to activate & manage entitlements using the client library & APIs
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