Using the Zentitle2 UI

Zentitle2 has a UI that allows you to configure, set up, and manage the various activities required to monetize your end users.
The prime functions of the UI are described here - they are essentially set up at the beginning of the journey, followed by testing and release. Once you have customers on the platform, you can manage them and their rights here.
The dashboard provides useful charts and data to help control and grow your business.
Every function outside the initial setup here can be done outside the portal using our APIs.

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Getting Set Up (Basic)

Setting up your products and business model.

The first step in using Zentitle2 starts with setting up "products" in the Zentitle2 UI.
You cannot wire up your apps and get testing until you have a basic product, its associated parts, and an associated entitlement.
The product details found on the Zentitle2 UI, plus API keys, are required for connecting to Zentitle2 and making your apps work - so start with that process first.

Setting up internal users.

Add your internal users and manage them and their permissions
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Accessing the API and SDKs (Webhooks).

In order to wire up your app., you will need API keys and access to the SDKs or API details.
These are the key first tasks. You can also start to add your end-user customers now too.

Add your end-user customers.

You can manually add end users into the database in the Zentitle2 UI as well, although doing this via an API-based automated method is more efficient.
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Getting Set Up (Premium)

Once the basics are set up, you can explore options for your production deployment. Zentitle2 has a number of more advanced features that save time and money or allow for deployment into offline environments, be they node or network-based.

Setting up an End User Portal (allowing users to self-manage)

You can customize and deploy your own end-user portal to help users self-manage licenses.
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Setting up for Network deployments (Local License Server)

Using our Local License Server option, you can deploy Zentitle into offline dark sites that require an internal network.
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Adding Offline Activation options to your product

You can deploy our offline license option for node-locked end users in offline environments.
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Management (Post shipping)

Management of Customers

Once you are in production, the portal becomes useful in managing your end users. You can manually add or edit their details in the portal.
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Management of Entitlements

Once you are in production, the portal becomes useful in managing your end users entitlements. You can manually add or edit their details in the portal.
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Upselling Customers

Changing offerings on an entitlement is an important workflow for a Software Vendor - it means upgrading or downgrading the end users' rights, which needs to be fast and easy for both parties.

Driving more sales via usage tracking

The Overdraft tracker is a great way to grow sales. It provides an "evidence-based" approach for the sales team to discuss options with customers and upsell them to new revenue tiers (if that's your business model).
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