Release Notes




  • Added locking to the Activation class to prevent possible concurrency issues and make it thread-safe. Check Configuring the Activation section for more details

  • Entitlement status in the EntitlementInfo respects the entitlement dates and is automatically updated after the entitlement enters the grace period or expires

Bug Fixes

  • When the seat's lease period expires at the same time as the entitlement, the Activation transitions into the EntitlementNotActive state instead of the LeaseExpired state.




  • [Breaking Change] Dropped support for the Consumption Token and Floating feature types




  • Added support for a new Usage Count feature type




  • Activation entitlement has been added to the offline activation tokens and can be retrieved using the GetActivationEntitlement() method

  • [Breaking Change] PersistentData contains new OfflineActivationEntitlement field. Make sure that it's being handled properly in yourIActivationStorage implementation.



  • [Breaking Change] Changed offline activation token format

  • Added support for username/password license activation flow

  • Added maintenance fields to activation's entitlement



  • Logging improvements



  • Activation state management

    • [Breaking Change] The OfflineActivated state has been removed because it has been merged with the Active state. The Info.Mode activation property can be used to distinguish between the Online and Offline activated seat.

    • [Breaking Change] The Expired state has been renamed to LeaseExpired state

    • [Breaking Change] The NotActive state has been renamed to NotActivated state

    • A new EntitlementNotActive state has been added, which represents an activated seat with no active entitlement (license) - e.g., the entitlement has expired or has been disabled on the server

  • Activation methods changes

    • [Breaking Change] The Refresh() method has been renamed to RefreshLease()

    • [Breaking Change] The RefhreshOffline() method has been renamed to RefreshLeaseOffline()

    • The Deactivate() method returns bool now, indicating if the deactivation has been successful or not

  • The number of API calls inside the RefreshLease() method has been reduced from 2 to 1

  • Documentation is now available for all public classes and methods of the SDK code

Bug Fixes

  • When the entitlement is no longer active on the server (because it has expired/has been disabled), the Refresh(), Deactivate() and PullRemoteState() methods are no longer transitioning the activation into the NotActive state but into the EntitlementNotActive state. In this state, the PullRemoteState() method can be used to transition back to the previous state if the entitlement becomes active again. If that isn't the case, the Activate() method can be used in this state to activate the seat with another entitlement.

  • If there is an API exception raised because of the invalid nonce, the activation doesn't fall into the NotActivated state, but the API error is propagated out of the library.



  • Added PullPersistedState()activation method, which allows retrieving the activation state from the storage, even if the activation has been initialized already. If there are some changes in the persistence (made by other processes accessing the same activation) when calling this method, they will be reflected in the activation's in-memory state.


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