API Versioning

Versioning Strategy

Our APIs utilize date-based versioning to identify the version with the specific date on which they were released. Our initial API version for both the Licensing and Management APIs is 2024-01-01. However, both of these APIs are being versioned independently. The new version is introduced when a backward-incompatible change is made to the API.

We consider the following changes to be backward-compatible:

  • Adding new API resources and API methods

  • Adding new optional request parameters to the existing API methods

  • Adding new properties to the existing API responses

  • Changing the order of properties in the existing API responses

Selecting the API version

When making an HTTP request to the API, the API version can be specified via the 'N-ApiVersion' header or the 'n-api-version' query parameter. If the API version is not specified in the HTTP request, the default API version is used instead. Inspect the 'N-ApiVersion' response header to verify which version of the API has been used when processing the API request.

Default API Version

The initial API call made from your account sets the default API version to the latest stable version available at that moment. To see and edit the default API versions for both the Management and the Licensing API, visit the API Credentials page.

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