No-code Test Application

We have built several ways to test Zentitle2 to make things easy for you, the SDK, and a "ZentitleOnPremDemo" no-code demo application where you can see your server-side changes work in a demo app that anyone can use (for Windows).

This "no-code" option means that a range of people can try the platform without requiring engineering resources or skills, and it's a great way to learn how things work quickly and easily.

The other benefits are it gives context to the use of the various parts of the Zentitle2 platform and how everything works together - with our "dynamic cloud" controlling your applications in the field.

Using Zentitle allows you to code to our API vs. hard coding your business models into your code. This gives you the benefits of less hassles for engineering, freedom for product managers, and the agility to change business models, pricing, and packaging in minutes vs weeks or longer.

It also allows you to use a 3rd party entitlement database that is a single source of truth.

Time required

Doing this testing requires about an hour, including adding details to your account that will be required to drive the demo, i.e., you need to add a range of features and attributes to your product in Zentitle to connect to the app's existing features - the demo doesn't work if the features on the server side don't match those in the demo app.

Once the server side is set up, some basic data is collected from your account and edited in the sample library config file using an editor; the demo app is downloaded to your test machine with the editable library (DLL), and then you can start testing.


  • Reading the documentation! Especially on how to add a product and its associated objects.

  • A trial/POC/ live account with at least the capacity for one product on the Zentitle2 UI.

  • Collection of data from that account for use in the demo app.

  • Downloading the demo code and the sample library (DLL) config file that needs editing.

  • Depending on your setup, you may need to install supporting runtime files for Windows to run the app.

  • A Windows installation that will allow you to test, e.g., Windows desktop, Mac with Parallels/Windows, etc

About the ZentitleOnPremDemo app

The application is a dummy music file conversion tool. On Zentitle, you can control the app and try various actions and see them working live in the demo and back on the server side, e.g., activation and deactivation of a seat, changing of the parameters and features in use in the app, available music formats based on the entitlement, consumption usage working, and limits to features (forcing upgrades to higher tiers, etc.)

The number of threads processing files and the number of files to be converted can be changed to see how usage-based control and feature limits work.

The application test process is to add supplied "music" sound files for conversion, set the appropriate number of processing threads, and run the conversion process. As you run the conversion, you will see the number of files allowed to be processed reduced in real-time, and as you try other options, you can see your actions played out on the app and check the action activity on the server side.

Testing for a few minutes and with a few changes illustrates Zentitle's powerful controls and allows you to learn how to use these useful options in your own applications.

Getting Started

Steps to get started:

  1. Create a product/entitlement and its details on the server-side Zentitle UI.

  2. Download/Unzip to an easy-to-access folder.

  3. Edit the ZentitleOnPremDemo.dll config file.

  4. Go to the new folder "OrionOnPremDemo" and replace the existing ZentitleOnPremDemo.dll config file with your version and your specific key values.

  5. Run the app "OrionOnPremDemo" and start testing.

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