V10 to Zentitle2 Migration Guide

For migration from V10 to Zentitle2, we generally recommend doing this transition as a major (i.e., V1 – V2) update release of your product(s).

V10 and Zentitle2 can be used side by side as end users upgrade to the new system to avoid downtime, i.e., as they upgrade from your V10 application to your Zentitle2 application. Once upgraded to Zentitle2 functionality, end users must reactivate the client.

Zentitle2 has a new library and API compared to V10, so these systems are incompatible with the client and back office integration sides. Therefore, your client-side binaries will need to be updated to use the new Zentitle2 library (for purely online clients, you can use the Zentitle2 licensing API directly rather than the new library). If necessary, this will mean replacing the existing V10 library in your client-side binaries.

Other changes if you use the feature:

  • V10 Profiles, if used, will need to be re-mapped onto Zentitle2 plans, editions, and offerings

  • V10 LAN daemon is to be replaced by Zentitle2 LLS (local license server) as a docker container.

  • Datastreamer functionality is currently unavailable in Zentitle2, and a brand-new suite of analytics capabilities is available in Zengain.

  • Reseller functionality is currently unavailable in Zentitle2 but will be added in the future.

  • NSA client-side analytics is currently unavailable in Zentitle2; a brand-new suite of analytics capabilities is available in Zengain.

  • Passive Licensing is currently unavailable and not required in Zentitle2 due to its more flexible design.

  • V10 trials (with no License Code) are not supported in Zentitle2 out of the box. Please use subscription-type licenses; these can be isolated using Zentitle2 Editions.

  • V10 Saas Licensing calls will map to Zentitle2 Licensing API.

In addition, any back-office integrations using the V10 management APIs will need to be replaced with Zentitle2 management API calls.

If required, you can move existing V10 license codes to Zentitle2 by exporting (or extracting using API calls) the V10 License codes and metadata (Features, Application agility variables, companies, customer info, etc.) and then importing this data into Zentitle2 via its management API calls.

V10 License code activity (current and historical) is not compatible with Zentitle2 due to the changing generation of client computer IDs and cannot be migrated to Zentitle2.

If you're using the V10 End User Portal, this will also be superseded by the new Zentitle2 End User Portal, including the the V10 offline activation portal if used.

For V10 ABL (account-based licensing) users, this will need to be recreated in the Zentitle2 system. As V10 ABL user passwords are encrypted, your users must recreate their passwords for security.

Zentitle2 portal and licensing endpoint will change from my.nalpeiron.com to https://<youraccoutname>.zentitle.io/. Therefore, any client-side whitelisting of domains will need to be updated to this new URL.

Please log a support ticket in V10 to discuss your use case and steps to migrate to Zentitle2; we are here to help.

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