Benefits to the finance team

Speed up order to cash, save $$$s and remove risks

Using a purpose-built software licensing and monetization system, finance departments and CFOs can accelerate payments through automated processes and manual intervention. Delayed and late payments for existing accounts of your software and saas products can be resolved much quicker when customer billing departments are slow or non-responsive.

What problems can be solved for finance and CFOs by a software monetization system designed to meet their needs?

- Finance staff can easily access entitlements directly through the Zentitle UI, eliminating the need to work within the software back-end or seek assistance from engineering. - Control of entitlements via the Zentitle UI motivates customers to pay on time by allowing the option to switch "off" entitlements in the field. - Zentitle2's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is significantly lower than that of a self-managed entitlement solution. - The CFO can conduct audits on "who has what" using a "single source of truth." - The finance team can add notes and effortlessly track "who did what and when." - Customers or specific entitlements can be "suspended" due to non-payment. - A grace period feature enables finance staff to offer key accounts some time to settle their payments. - Integration with finance systems can be fully automated using our APIs. - Zentitle2 helps reduce risks and improve compliance.

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