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Zentitle2 represents a superset of most of Nalpeiron's V10 platform concepts. However, the APIs and data models are somewhat different.

This section shows how the V10 concepts map into the Zentitle2 platform and terminology.

In V10, License Codes provide a specific set of license rights to a customer. In Zentitle2, the more general term of 'Entitlement' is used rather than a 'License', as this applies to both SaaS as well as on-premise applications.

In Zentitle2, entitlements may have one or more "Activation Codes" (the strings used to activate a seat against a license). They can be removed or added during the lifetime of an entitlement - whereas in V10, the License Code is always a 1:1 name for the license itself and cannot change.

In Zentitle2, editions, plans and offerings are used to represent standard sets of rights, making it easy to define 'good', 'better' and 'best' variations of a given product. In V10, these are represented by license code profiles.

Application Agility fields in V10 have been replaced by a more flexible 'Attributes' capability, where each key/value pair can now be one of a number of types (string, number, date).

Standard features (on/off), Floating Features, Element Pools and Consumption Tokens are all supported as they are in V10.

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FAQs for V10 > Z2

-Nalpeiron can help you migrate your data but recommends adding to a new release

-Z2 will have a different set of plans, but the pricing will remain similar to V10

-Yes, you can have products on both platforms or move exclusively to Z2

-There are no plans to end-of-life Zentitle V10 for at least two years

- We will allow you to move and credit you any time left on the old contract.

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Please get in touch with your account manager for more information about moving to Zentitle2.

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