Using docker to test

Docker Desktop is a one-click-install application for your Mac, Linux, or Windows environment that lets you to build, share, and run containerized applications and microservices.

Installing this will allow you to test and run our demo SaaS app locally vs. setting up hosting, etc.

Please remember to copy your configuration details to docker-compose.yml file first! Also, its very important that docker has access permissions to any folder you use with it, or our file will not work. Docker must be running for the example to work as well.

docker-compose -f ./docker-compose.yml build
docker-compose -f ./docker-compose.yml up

This should launch the example, and you can start testing - see the previous article on testing for details on the login credentials to use etc.

Please note we don't offer support for Docker or their software, please contact them directly for help getting this example running if you have any issues.

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