Overdraft Tracker (Basic)

Overdraft Tracker is a function of the Zengain suite of sales tools.


The Overdraft tracker is a great way to grow sales. It provides an "evidence-based" approach for the sales team to discuss options with customers and upsell them to new revenue tiers (if that's your business model).

If you have hard limits on paid licenses, as most vendors do, you will never see any latent demand. The overdraft tracker allows you to add a new limit to each license to enable the user to consume more up to a higher set limit (so you still control the overall usage).

When they consume more than they paid for, they go into "Overdraft," you can easily capture those users/entitlements in a report and use that at renewal time or for sales, in general, to contact your customers and sell them more based on your policies.

It will also expose and capture license abuse while offering users "softer" policing. Softer policing is important, especially with business customers, as it avoids many of the issues associated with software license management, and it shows a level of trust in your customers.

Nothing is more annoying to customers than just being locked out of their software, so Zentitle2 uses an automated ‘Overdraft’ tracker function to handle any “overuse.”

If someone within an organization exceeds the license limit, the entitlement is flagged along with the details necessary to enable sales staff to contact the entitlement user to find out more. You then have the choice of allowing the use to continue or asking for more license fees!

OverdraftTracker is a trademark of Nalpeiron. Inc

This is a premium feature only found in certain plans in Zentitle.

Setting up the Overdraft Tracker

Essentially, the overdraft function is another seat limit number that enhances the existing seat limit.

The overdraft seat limit is the additional seat count as a number or a percentage over the licensed seat count sold to the customer, i.e., if the sold seat is two seats, and you add a 50% overdraft limit, they will be allowed to use a further seat over their licensed limit. This "overdraft" difference can be tracked and reported upon so you can see those clients that may need an upgrade sale.

So you can set the "overdraft seat limit" with three parameters: absolute, percentage, or unlimited.

Adding overdraft seat limits

These limits are set up or edited at the 'offering" level. See offerings for details on how these work.

In the offering, once set up, click edit.

Once in the offering, navigate to the bottom of the page and select the drop-down menu for the "overdraft seat limit."

The options are:

  • none

  • absolute - a fixed number of additional seats (over the current limit)

  • percentage - a percentage of additional seats (over the current limit)

  • unlimited - no upper limit (use with caution)

  • Choose the type of limit you would like to set; in this example, we are adding one more seat.

This will allow the user to consume two seats, not the original one they purchased, and block them past two seats.

If they consume the second seat, they will enter an overdraft state and be flagged as such for reporting. Assuming you are attaching entitlements to a customer, then you can track exactly which clients have gone into an overdraft state and alert sales to follow-up.

  • Click save

Any entitlements you now use with this offering will be tracked and are ready for overdraft reporting.

NOTE: Existing entitlements will not inherit the overdraft settings; only new ones will be created after this functionality has been added to the offering.

Above is an unused example entitlement created with the offering above. You can see an overdraft seat as well as the usual seat limit of one is set. As you can see, these are shown and tracked separately.

Editing entitlements and the Overdraft Tracker

Entitlements are created using the offering template and will inherit the Overdraft Tracker functionality if it exists on the offering. Still, in some cases, you may wish to edit an existing entitlement to enable the Overdraft Tracker functionality to be different from the offering or if the functionality wasn't added when the entitlement was created.

While we don't recommend editing individual entitlements outside the use of offerings as it makes tracking harder, it is an option.

Once you start using the Overdraft Tracker, you will be able to report on customers or entitlements in the "overdraft" state and use that data to drive new opportunities.

This data will show on the main dashboard and in various other areas of Zentitle2 UI, and you can download reports to give to your team members.

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