Zentitle Quick Overview

Zentitle2 is critical infrastructure for software vendors to effectively manage and control the licensing and entitlements of their software products.

This documentation provides a comprehensive guide on leveraging Zentitle2, empowering software vendors to streamline their licensing processes and enhance customer satisfaction.

By adopting Zentitle2, software vendors can efficiently manage various aspects of their licensing ecosystem, including user management, product configuration, license generation and activation, reporting and analytics, and customer support.

This system simplifies the complexities associated with licensing, allowing vendors to focus on delivering their software products and maximizing revenue.

With the help of Zentitle2, software vendors can enhance their operational efficiency, protect their intellectual property, gain valuable insights through analytics, and deliver a superior experience to their customers.

This documentation equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary to harness the full potential of Zentitle2 and drive success in your software licensing endeavors.

Zentitle Dynamic Entitlements

Watch this short video demonstrating the functional difference between Zentitle2 and legacy systems (home-built license management systems or platforms like Flexera and Gemalto).

Specifically, this video will help you understand our innovative concept of “dynamic entitlements,” which make Zentitle a powerful and modern licensing tool.

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