Licensing & Management APIs

On-premise apps

NET applications

If you want to implement Zentitle2 in an on-premise app, you can use: - .NET SDK - if .NET is your platform, then the best way is to use our .NET SDK Nuget package. We have prepared it so that it's easy to integrate and provides an API into Zentitle2 functionality. Please refer to the documentation and sample applications we provide to see how to implement the most common scenarios.

Get the SDK

Other platforms

On other platforms - you can use our Licensing API to activate seats and manage features securely.

The Licensing API doesn't require you to store any secrets in the application. It uses a Product ID and Activation Code to activate your entitlements.

Using open-source tools, you can use the OpenAPI specification we provide to generate a Client SDK for the most popular platforms.

We are also working hard on providing a Windows/Linux/Mac level library that will allow us to generate a system fingerprint, implement secure storage, and various security measures.

SaaS applications and back-office integration

The best choice for Backoffice integrations or SaaS applications is our Management API.

It uses the OAuth2 protocol for authentication and allows you to set up and use all features of Zentitle, like creating entitlement, provisioning it, and activating seats.

You can also subscribe to system events via webhooks.

This allows you to react to various events, like entitlement created, entitlement provisioning, notifications about entitlement expiration (30, 7 days before), etc.

Credentials for Management API & Webhooks can be managed from the Zentitle2 UI.

Zentitle2 has two APIs: a licensing API and a management API.

Object IDs

Most objects within Zentitle2 have an ID that can be used with the Management API to reference that object.

IDs follow the convention of having a standard prefix for that object type (e.g. cust_, prod_, etc.) followed by a 22-character alphanumeric string.

The entire ID should be provided to the relevant Management API call.

Using APIs

The credentials from these APIs are an essential part of the setup and testing phases, and they form part of the key data required to "wire up" your apps to Zentitle2.

Get credentials

Once you have the credentials, start using the APIs

This is the specific API documentation for the Zentitle2 for SaaS and On-Premise applications.

Management API - The REST API to:

  • Manage entitlements within the Zentitle2 platform.

  • Activate, query, and manage entitlements from SaaS applications.

Licensing API - How to activate, query, and manage entitlements from On-Premise applications.

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