Benefits to the engineering team

You can focus on what you do best - innovate

Using a purpose-built software licensing and monetization system, engineers and engineering departments can focus on product innovation without complex hard-coding demands from product and sales leaders wanting to sell your product in different and new ways.

Issues with hard-coded entitlements and tooling

The demands upon engineering departments of software vendors to meet the growth strategies are hugely significant. Resources and attention of engineers are continually needed, most often taking focus away from the development of the products the vendor sells. Why might you be experiencing this?

  • It is expensive and time-consuming to build a basic entitlement system

  • It’s hard to change, hard to test, and requires constant ongoing maintenance

  • Code is “brittle” with complexity and conditionality that is highly complicated

  • Often a silo and disconnected from crucial business systems like billing, ERP, and CRMs

  • Creates lag and dependencies with key depts like sales and product teams

  • It limits innovation and agility and is opaque to business users, limiting competitiveness

  • Engineering can't build anything but a basic system; this means a disjointed, manual, and inflexible system to manage the business

Engineering - pain points solved

What benefits can engineers and engineering departments gain from utilizing a software licensing system that caters to their needs? - The engineering team can concentrate on their core products, as the responsibility for pricing and packaging changes shifts away from them. - Business logic is separated from code and managed by business users, providing added flexibility. - It eliminates ongoing costs and risks associated with non-core capabilities. - It does away with the expenses of maintaining specialized infrastructure. - The system reduces risks linked to specialized personnel. - Provisioning and modifications are automated and seamlessly coordinated across product, CRM, and billing systems. - Establishes a single source of truth through a centralized customer state that enforces entitlements and monitors utilization.

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