Onboarding Workshop

With every initial sale, we include an onboarding workshop to help your organization prepare to use Zentitle2 and maximize your investment.

The Zentitle On-Boarding Workshop is an 8-hour session that combines lecture and hands-on experience and best practices for configuring and using a basic Zentitle deployment.

The goal is to accelerate the time-to-value for a basic deployment. The session is also useful to educate additional stakeholders for an existing deployment.

Nalpeiron also offers a la carte advanced topic modules.


  • Product Management and Business Leaders responsible for Licensing and Monetization

  • Developers that will integrate the Zentitle SDK into the customer software

  • Operational and IT integration personnel who will configure and use the Zentitle to manage the deployment of trials and production entitlements

  • Support and Test personnel who use Zentitle in the performance of their roles

Contact us to set up your onboarding date.

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