Access and Login

Every Zentitle customer has a unique login page.

This will be formed when your account is created on the Zentitle backend, and therefore all your users will need the specific link vs a generic one when logging in.
E.g. Your Login URL:
Logins are managed in our OpenID Connect-based IdP.
These are emailed to each user of the Zentitle platform and need to be saved by each user.
It's important to note this unique URL in your internal docs for your users to avoid frustration!
Either your email or username can be used to log in. The initial user will be set up with the "admin" username by default.
The login page allows for a password reset using the usual "forgot password" link in the sign-in box.

Initial access

Users will receive an access email when you add them to Zentitle.
The email gives them a password update link; they click it and will be redirected to the login page to set their own password.
Once that is set, they can access Zentitle based on the permissions you previously set.

Logging In after the first time

To log in, add the username and password you set when you got your invite email.
Click "sign in".
We advise you to use OTP / two-factor authentication on all accounts, details here