Benefits to the product team

Empower the product team to drive growth.

By choosing a purpose-built monetization system, product teams can execute on growth strategies at speed. Frustrations for product leaders caused by significant and constant dependencies upon engineering can be reduced or eliminated when it comes to selling their products with new license models, pricing and packaging software products in new ways with much shorter lead times.

Product Leaders - pain points solved.

- Empower product and sales teams without the need for engineering involvement. - Decouple business logic from the code, managed by the product team to enhance flexibility. - Easily test and try different pricing, packaging, and business models. - Quickly adapt to market conditions, enabling the launch of new pricing at any time. - Avoid sales team requests for usage data and the time spent generating reports. - Enable sales to directly use actionable data with Zengain. - Add or change business models, editions, or products in minutes, not weeks. - Gather useful analytics data from unique licensing sources, offering detailed insights beyond standard statistics. - Provide engagement tools that assist the sales team in closing deals. - Utilize detailed engagement and usage data for predictive analytics.

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