Benefits to operations and support teams

Remove manual processes and waste

Connect your systems and eliminate the potential errors that come from relying on manual processes. A built-for-purpose licensing and monetization system allows the automation of workflows and actions associated with licensing operations and customer access to the products they buy.

Save CS/support time and resources

In addition to automations and connectivity, we provide time-saving tools like our customizable online self-service support for your end-users.​​ This saves you time and money, not having to build critical support infrastructure while offering user-friendly ways to work with your users.​

  • Self-serve end-user portal​

  • Helpdesk support for end-users is made easier​

Operations & Service - pain points solved

Certainly! Here's the text with added bullet points for clarity: - Eliminate manual processes by automating licensing operations, thereby freeing up resources. - Connect systems to eradicate waste and manual tasks, accelerating team productivity and focus. - Boost revenues by enabling customer support/service teams to engage with customers directly, avoiding delays caused by other departments or manual systems. - Enhance customer satisfaction through quick identification and resolution of issues using automation and engagement analytics. - Allow end users to self-manage and review their licenses/entitlements via their own portal. - Achieve significant time savings by automating tasks with our APIs. - Reduce human error and manual control issues related to entitlements. - Increase customer satisfaction with quick, self-service options and portals.

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