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Your Partner for Software Business Growth

Unlike our competitors, we are a partner, not a supplier. Many of our customers have been with us for over ten years, and we have helped them grow from startups to IPO/M&A.

Reliable. Dependable. Contactable.

1000’s software companies have used Zentitle to monetize their software products much faster, many going from startup to IPO on our platform.

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Partner in your success

Being a partner is not the same as being a supplier. Many of our clients have leaned on us to offer best practices, consult on their strategy as subject matter experts, to work with them on implementation, planning, and rollout. We provide training, helping development teams craft successful products enabling product teams to price and package these products to win.

Why choose us

  • Deep expertise: We’re your knowledgeable guide for licensing and monetization strategy

  • Strong technology: Best-in-class solution; industry-leading cloud-first solution to control your SaaS, on-premise, and hardware/IoT solutions; outstanding scalability, reliability, and availability

  • Responsive, world-class support: Developer-focused support and ongoing post-sales support.

Innovative specialist

Nalpeiron came first. We pioneered cloud-based software licensing in 2005, and for all that time, we have delivered Software licensing and entitlement management, pricing, and monetization tools and services. We constantly improve and build on our platform to offer customers the latest tools to help monetize their SaaS, IoT, and Enterprise Software products.

Unlike our competitors, we have two issued US patents on our technology.


For over 15 years, Nalpeiron has maintained an SLA of over 99.9% - a proven track record of reliability. Most of our competitors haven’t been around that long, let alone offer uptime guarantees or service quality.

Support near you

Nalpeiron has staff in the US, the UK, and mainland Europe. We are a US-based company, and our IP, as is our management team, is located here. Unlike our competitors, who are often based elsewhere with only a US virtual address, we have real US and European support staff ready to help your team when needed.

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