Zentitle2 Overview

Enterprise-Class Software Monetization - Empower the whole business without ongoing engineering

Zentitle2 meets the standards for scale, security, and operational excellence demanded by enterprise-class software companies. Zentitle allows you to quickly launch new pricing and packaging models.

  • Cloud-based, enterprise-class “Software Monetization as a Service” platform designed to drive revenues.

  • Monetize and control any kind of Softwar: On-premise, Server, SaaS, Hybrid, mobile, Hardware & IoT.

  • Release any business model or monetization method without the need for re-engineering.

  • A single source of truth and control for any entitlement, maintaining the business state, pricing & packaging logic.

Designed to:

  • Reduce costs

  • Drive revenue

  • Go-to-market fast

Zentitle2 Feature Highlights

  • Easy to use: Modern UI/UX/APIs

  • VMs: Superior VM Management

  • Drive revenue: ZenGain add-ons

  • Dark sites: Local License Server

  • Identity: OIDC based integrated iDP

  • Cashflow: Finance control of entitlements

  • Self-serve: Customizable end-user portal

  • Analytics: Actionable data options

  • Easy to integrate: OpenAPI Interfaces

  • 1 pane of glass: single source of truth

Zentitle2 Platform Summary

  • Built from the ground up for SaaS, hybrid, on-prem and hardware applications

  • New architecture, both single and multi-tenant, with TurboScaling

  • Fast, auto-scaling, super flexible, and API-driven new monetization platform

  • Supports every business model, online or offline, for hardware or software

  • Kubernetes/docker & open source

  • All key stakeholders have defined roles

  • Advanced End-User Portal

  • Next-Generation VM Management

  • …Built for all the future holds

Complete control

Enable your product team to experiment with new monetization strategies, finding the ones that rapidly drive up your revenues.

Proven business models

From subscription, to pure consumption, to hybrid models and everything in between. Usage-based licensing can be layered on top of existing models.

Flexible and agile

Immediately allow design of new pricing and packaging to drive growth and improve margins. Empower product management and sales to launch profitable offerings without engineering.

Speed and reduced costs

Easy-to-integrate APls mean your development team doesn't waste time self-building licensing from scratch and avoids all the demands of ongoing development.

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