API Rate limits

The Zentitle2 APIs use a number of safeguards against bursts of incoming traffic to help maximize its stability.

These types of circumstances may result in rate limiting:

  • Users who send many requests in quick succession might see error responses.

  • Running a large volume of closely spaced requests.

  • Issuing many long-lived requests.

  • A sudden increase in transaction volume.

  • Any activity that appears to our systems is like a DDOS attack.

We have several limiters in the API, including:

  • A rate limiter that limits the number of requests received by the API within any given second.

  • A concurrency limiter that limits the number of requests that are active at any given time. Problems with this limiter are less common than the request rate limiter, but it’s more likely to result in resource-intensive, long-lived requests.

If you suddenly see a rising number of rate-limited requests, please get in touch with support.

We may reduce limits to prevent abuse or increase limits to enable high-traffic applications. To request an increased rate limit, please get in touch with support. If you’re requesting a large increase, contact us six weeks before you’ll need the increased rate limit.

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