Benefits to the revenue team

Enable the revenue team to drive new sales.

With a purpose-built software monetization system, sales and customer success teams can drive revenue growth much more effectively. With actionable insights and tools designed to do just that, sales teams can close more deals, shortening the sales cycle. Account expansion is made much easier by identifying pre-qualified upsell opportunities driven by real usage data. Customer Success teams are also assisted in preventing churn with actionable insights.

Sales - pain points solved

Certainly, here's the revised text with bullet points for clarity: - Provide usage data to the sales team, from the trial phase to end-of-life. - Offer engagement tools that can help the sales team close deals. - Automate the POC/trial processes, saving time and reducing manual effort. - Identify members of the buying committee, enabling targeted efforts to close more deals. - Help teams understand who is engaged or not, allowing them to communicate with the right people. - Enable an understanding of the motivations of trial customers to focus sales messaging. - Speed up the sales cycle, making it easier and faster to close deals. - Provide detailed usage and engagement analytics designed for the sales team. - Deliver actionable analytics within the team's own CRM system. - Offer easy-to-understand metrics to focus on the best accounts. - Give early warnings on accounts that might churn, providing an opportunity to save them.

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