Overdraft Tracker on the dashboard

The dashboard on the Activity tab has a graph showing the Highest overdrafts by entitlement in the last 30 days ranked for quick reference that includes at-a-glance data on customers who were in overdraft mode.

In the above image, you can see the green dotted line that represents the set "purchased" limit for the entitlement. The black dotted line is the overdraft limit; the difference is the "allowed" overdraft limit you have set.

This clearly shows this entitlement is in overuse vs the paid limits and allows for a discussion with the customer on the appropriate license to be purchased for their usage. etc.

In addition, this shows denials as their usage here is even more than the overdraft limit you have set. You could set an unlimited overdraft limit (not advised) and see exactly how much they overuse the entitlement vs what has been sold.

The data includes:

  • Activation ID

  • Seat ID

  • Log time

  • Operation

  • Lease expiry

  • Entitlement ID

  • Seat count

Go to the next document for instructions on how to export overdraft data for use by your team.

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