API Credentials

Zentitle2 has two APIs: a licensing API and a management API.

The API credentials for the management API are an essential part of the setup and testing phases, and they form part of the critical data required to "wire up" your apps to Zentitle2.

In addition to these details, for the licensing API you will also need a Product ID key from the "products" you add to Zentitle2 and an Activation Code to test with, depending on your use case.

Please ensure you create the required keys and codes and keep them secure and ready for use in your application before you start testing.

Note that at this time, all API client credentials generated have full permissions.

You can also see your Tenant ID through this page (needed for calls to the Management API), along with the URL of your Management API endpoint and the OAuth URL to use.

Now go to the SDK and API documentation to learn about creating and using these credentials.

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