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Product features are ways to control the components of your product so that you can monetize the product with maximum flexibility.

Zentitle offers three feature types:

  • Access Control - Is this feature available in this product and enabled (by default) or not?

  • Usage Count - Is this feature tracked based on usage, and is the "overdraft" option enabled?

  • Element Pool - Is this feature tracked as part of this product's "pool" of usage and is the "overdraft" option enabled?

Access Control

Access control is a simple boolean on/off switch for your feature controls; this easily enables you to tag all your key features and switch them on or off based on various scenarios like offering different "editions" of your product, etc.

Usage Count

An entitlement can have one or more ‘counter’ features. The usage counter tracks usage over time and can be easily reset to zero.

For example, you may have a 1-year subscription that provides 1000 report runs over the year. The feature would track how many reports had been run so far (with the application deducting one from the count each time the report is run).

Once you have an entitlement set up using usage counters, you may need to manage the usage levels on these advanced features. In certain cases, you may wish to leave an entitlement in place with a client and edit its usage levels instead of offering a new entitlement with more usage, etc. See how to Reset the usage count on an entitlement.

Element Pool

Element Pools represent a concurrent aggregate count of some measure.

For example, let’s say there is a storage management cluster, and the business model is to charge for the aggregate amount of storage under management across the cluster. Each node would check out from the element pool the quantity of storage that node was managing (50TB, 100TB, etc.), and the licensing would enforce that at no time was the aggregate amount of storage licensed ever exceeded.

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