Working with Entitlements

Working with Entitlements

The entitlements page will usually have many rows, and you can review the status and many other factors in the useful report/table under the main Entitlements page.

As with all our report tables, you can export the data and manipulate the tables to your requirements. → Learn more

Reviewing the status of all entitlements (report)

The status of an entitlement can be:

Clicking on any row will take you to the entitlement page with six tabs.

The six tabs, Details, Activation codes, End users, Activations, Activity log, and Notes, all display helpful data about your entitlement.

Entitlements details tab

Once you have your entitlements set up, you can manage them easily.

Reviewing the details of a single entitlement

  • Created date: date and time the entitlement was created.

  • Customer name: any associated customer.

  • Account reference ID: your own account ref for this customer.

  • Order reference ID: your own order ID associated with the entitlement.

  • Offering name: The attached offering name.

  • SKU: the SKU for the offering.

  • Product name: The associated product.

  • Plan: the associated plan.

  • Plan type: the associated plan type.

  • Maintenance: the status of any maintenance associated with the entitlement.

  • Seats: The no. enabled seats.

  • Seats used (%): the % seats used vs allowed.

  • Concurrency mode: the mode for this entitlement, i.e., node or concurrent mode.

  • Overdraft seats used: if overdrafts are enabled, the overused seat count.

  • Overdraft seat limit: if overdrafts are enabled, the seat limit.

  • Lease period: the time the license is set to call back to Zentitle2.

  • Offline lease period: the time the license is allowed to be offline.

  • Linger period: if this is set the linger time.

  • Entitlement ID: the unique entitlement ID.

  • Product ID: the productID is required in setup phase.

Reviewing the status of a single entitlement

This section of your details page shows the status of your entitlement.

  • Status: the current state of the license e.g. active.

  • License start: the process for starting this license, e.g. by activation.

  • Maintenance: is maintenance enabled for this entitlement?

  • Activation date: when the entitlement was activated.

  • Maintenance expiry date: if the license type is perpetual, the expiry date of the maintenance (if there is one set).

Reviewing the host status of a single entitlement

Your entitlements can be hosted with the Zentitle2 cloud as well as in our Local License Server (LLS) deployments, this area displays the location of the entitlement.

Next, we will work with "activation codes" attached to an entitlement (where applicable).

To learn what each of the values above means, refer to the Glossary here

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