Maintenance options

Each Offering and Entitlement (inherited from the offering) can contain a maintenance option.

This can control whether users can update the application to a new version. For example, a user can buy a perpetual entitlement for v1 with maintenance for a year, and if v2 is released within a year, the user is entitled to this upgrade because they have the maintenance option enabled.

This feature can also be used to identify if the entitlement owner has a support package.


Adding maintenance to an offering.

  • Has Maintenance - boolean value (using flags concept), which indicates if the offering comes with maintenance

  • Maintenance Interval (optional) - period of maintenance added (ex. 1 month).

Maintenance Interval - available only for perpetual offerings.

Webhooks options

  • Entitlement edited - when maintenance was changed on the entitlement

  • Maintenance going to expire (30, 7 and 1 day before)

  • Maintenance expired

See the process for adding this option to an offering here.

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