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About Activation Codes

In Zentitle, a given entitlement may have multiple valid activation codes - any of which can be used to activate a seat against the entitlement.

Activation codes are generally used in "node-locked" software product installations and in other scenarios involving the "on-premise" licensing paradigm.

There is no requirement to use an activation (license) code - you can simply use account-based licensing (ABL) instead, where a user's login credentials are used to validate an entitlement. That can be directly from an iDP (e.g. Octa, Ping etc) or from within Zentitle)

Entitlements activation codes tab

On the main Entitlements section at the base of the page is the "Activation Codes" section.

This area allows you to add, delete, or copy Activation Codes associated with this entitlement. These codes are generally for distribution with your commerce or billing system to enable the end user to "activate" their purchased product, etc.

Activation Codes can't be edited. They are simply a string associated with the entitlement to be used to enable the licensing when distributed.

Adding Activation Codes

The resulting codes are added to the Activation Codes view in that section.

Deleting codes


Adding your own codes

Alternatively, you can add your own codes, subject to some rules.

Your own codes need to be added line by line with a return between them, and they can only be alphanumeric A-Z UPPERCASE and 0-9 and a dash (-).

Adding "custom" codes

The system can remove duplicates for you if you select that option.

The resulting codes are added to the Activation Codes view in that section.

Exporting codes

Once you have either added your own or, more likely, generated automated codes, you can export them to an Excel-compatible list for use in your other systems.

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