Bulk import customers

Importing Customers

Before you import your Customers into Zentitle, add the custom fields (in the settings section) you need to prevent the hassles of later re-importing, issues with duplicates, and poor data hygiene.

This importing function is designed for importing up to 10,000 customers and not large bulk imports—if you have a lot of users to import, please contact support.

The maximum upload file size is 1 MB.

In addition to adding customers to Zentitle2, you may wish to update the data already in the database—to do that, you must use a unique account reference ID for each customer when importing for the first time.

Adding customers in bulk can be an effective way to add your customers to the system in bulk to save time. To import customers, click the vertical ellipsis next to the "Add Customer" button to begin the process.

From the next screen, download the template file as a CSV file.

NOTE: The template file will update when you add your custom fields, so be sure to add those first and then start the import process to include any extra data over the basic fields set up as standard. Click the image below for an example.

Open the CSV file in the appropriate application (typically MS Excel).

The AccountReferenceID field references an ID in an external system (for example, your CRM). If the import process finds a different customer in the system with the same AccountReferenceID, it will update the customer and not create a new customer. So be careful to have unique IDs in the data you import unless you wish to update what you already have in Zentitle2.

Fill in the worksheet with applicable data.

Once the worksheet is created with the appropriate data, click "Upload customers from CSV file".

To avoid painful data cleanup, we recommend first uploading a smaller sample of a few customers and checking to ensure no errors.

NOTE: the file requirements

  • Header row with column names is required

  • Use the correct input format for each field type

  • CSV file must be in UTF-8 encoding

  • Column separator “,” (comma)

Once you have successfully uploaded your file, you will get an alert in the UI.

The import process is a batch function and may take a while in the background, depending on the size of the imported data file.

Once the data has been successfully imported, you can review what happened and if it was successful or failed in the Customers Import page at the bottom in the import status box.

As with all forms of data imports, if the data is not clean, has odd characters, spaces, etc., it can cause an issue with the import process, so be careful to ensure the CSV you import is in good shape before you start this process. Always have a unique "account reference ID".

Finally, navigate back to the main customers section on the left navigation and review your imported customers for accuracy.

Bulk update customers

In addition to adding customers to Zentitle2, you may wish to update the data already in the database—to do that, you must use a unique account reference ID for each customer.

To update the database in bulk, repeat the above processes with the fields you wish to update. Always include the "account reference ID" field along with the changes or additions in the header row. This will process an "insert" function to update or add new data.


When importing data, if the data and field requirements are not met, the report at the bottom of the import page will show you the results - with a red warning icon if the data import was unsuccessful.

For example, if you didn't put any data into a mandatory field, you use duplicate data like the same email when you set it to unique, etc

The red button will allow you to download a report file with all the data in the file and the issues with the import so you can fix the issues.

Fix the errors shown in the download report and then retry your import, now it should import as required.

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