Providing Feedback

We love to hear your feedback on our products. It helps us improve them.

You can use the the Share Feedback tab (shown below) which will allow you to leave feedback right there and then within Zentitle2. This will also allow us to see what you are seeing and for you to provide comments. Alternatively, you can send comments to

Share Feedback

Please give us feedback on the usability, accuracy, and functionality of the Zentitle2 UI by using the red "share feedback" button in the middle on the right-hand side of the page.

When you click it, you can capture details of the specific page and any defects or comments you may have and send them to us for review.

Please give us as much detail as possible to reproduce the issue, and let us know how critical the issue is.

Once you have edited the fields in the right-hand box, click "create issue" to alert our team.

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