Entitlements with overrides/changes

Entitlements should be created from "offerings" as a best practice, and then if you want to change the rights, you should change the associated offering, i.e., from one offering to another offering e.g., from good > best, in your good/better/best pricing table or price list.

In addition to creating an entitlement from a fixed pattern like an offering or swapping the rights with another offering, you can also "override" these settings manually.

When you make changes to an existing set of rights manually post-creation, other changes will not propagate to that entitlement.

In these cases, where changes are made to a standard set of rights from an offering or changed later with an offering change, you can see these changes in the UI on the entitlement main page.

The benefit of this approach is the end user can re-use an existing activation code and have the rights changed on the server side.

Remember that the end user will only get the changes made server-side when the seat refreshes i.e., the client connects with the server to update the rights. So if the lease time is set for a long period, the end user must either do a manual refresh (often close and re-open your App) or wait for these changes to propagate.

See the image above for an example. This allows you to track changes as they are highlighted in all entitlements that have modifications.

Entitlements with changes from the offering standard

Any area of an entitlement that has been changed or overridden post creation will have an "alert" (exclamation) icon on its right.

Rolling over the alert will pop up a tooltip with details. In this example it shows the fact that the standard value of "5" in the offering has been overridden in another process and made up to 250.

Reverting changes to settings on an entitlement back to their original offering state

Clicking the "alert" icon will open a dialog box to revert the change to the original offering.

  • Click "remove" to revert this setting (in this case, seats) to its original offering settings.

After clicking "remove," you will see that the "seats" are now back to "5" the original setting for this offering.

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