Activity log

Entitlements activity log tab

This tab and data shows the activity on your entitlements, be they codes or end users.

At the top of the page, you have a graph showing a license's usage (typically active seat count) over time.

  • Seat Count is the allowed number of seats that can be used with this Entitlement.

  • Min and Max are the maximum and minimum count of used seats at any given moment during the day.

  • If you have enabled "overdrafts" then you will be able to track usage vs both the licensed amount and the hard limit set by the overdraft, the difference being overuse you can discuss with the user and potentially upgrade them, etc.

Reviewing the activation history

To see the activation history of that entitlement, click on the 'Activity Log' tab.

You will see a table of all activation, deactivation, refresh, etc., events and a graphical chart of seat counts over time with low water and high water marks for each day.

The data from the last 30 days of usage are shown in the graph.

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