Workflow automation software

Webhooks work very well with Workflow automation software like Zapier, Make, Couplerio, Integrately, Celigo,, Pabbly Connect,, Pipedream, Stitchdata, and Workato (etc).

These tools allow for effective integrations between many systems and Zentitle.

For example, Zapier can be easily used to push useful data into Slack. Here, we show Zapier being used to push webhook events into a Slack channel.

A quick example in action with Zapier

Below, we are using Zentitle webhooks and Zapier (to post to Slack). This assumes you have already set up what you need in the Zentitle backend per the previous docs on webhooks. It also assumes you know how Zapier works and how to use its tools. It's just meant to give a flavor of what's possible.

Sign up, open your Zapier (or whatever service) account, and add a new Zap.

You will create a sequence as above.

let hook = JSON.parse(inputData.RAW);
output = {
    "eventId": hook.eventId,
    "eventDate": hook.eventDate,
    "eventCode": hook.eventCode,
    "resourceId": hook.resourceId,
    "signature": inputData.signature,
    "payload": JSON.stringify(hook.payload, null, 2)

At each stage, you will test and proceed as with any Zap creation and then check the expected results, in this case, in Slack, as events occur, they are posted, etc.

This is a very simple example to show you how using 3rd party tools with our webhooks can build many types of workflows to automate your processes.

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