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An “Attribute” in Zentitle is a key/value pair that can be used to store useful information in the license, such as the customer name, etc.

It can also be used to represent aspects of the business model for the license itself, such as the number of licensed devices, lists of integrations that should be enabled, etc.

In Zentitle, the attributes are typed and can be Integers, Strings, or Dates.

These are equivalent to “Application Agility Fields” in V10.

Adding Attributes

Attributes may be used for purely information purposes (such as holding a customer name that is then displayed on a splash screen) or may be used as part of your business model (such as defining a limit on some resource that will be enforced at different levels depending on the entitlement the customer purchases).

Attributes allow you to define arbitrary "key/value" pairs embedded securely within a given entitlement.

Attributes can be strings, numbers, and dates and can have default values.

  • Click 'Add Attribute' to add any attributes you wish to enable in the product.

If it's a string value, you can also add a validation rule described below.

Validation rules for string values

To ensure that Attribute values are entered correctly in the string option, you can add validation rules, including email and regex options.

Below is an example using an email attribute, something that gets input incorrectly a lot in forms etc. Hence, the benefit of this option is that the string will be checked, and a warning will be displayed to the user if the data format is incorrect.

The Regex validation option allows the creation of more complicated rules using Regular Expressions. You can check the validity of phone numbers, order IDs, VAT numbers, SKUs, upper/lowercase strings - anything that has some set of rules. Here are few examples for regular patterns that could be useful with an explanation:

  • ^[A-Z][a-z]{0,9}$ - maximum 10 letters starting with an uppercase

  • [0-9]{5} - 5 digit ZIP code

  • ^+\d{1,4}\s?(\d{1,})\s?\d{1,}(-\d{1,})*$ - phone number


  • ^: Asserts the start of the string.

  • \+: Matches the plus sign, which is commonly used for international numbers.

  • \d{1,4}: Matches one to four digits, allowing for the country code.

  • \s?: Matches an optional space.

  • \(: Matches the opening parenthesis "(".

  • \d{1,}: Matches one or more digits for the national significant number.

  • \) : Matches the closing parenthesis ")".

  • \s?: Matches an optional space.

  • \d{1,}: Matches one or more digits for the rest of the phone number.

  • (-\d{1,})*: Allows for an optional hyphen followed by one or more digits, representing extensions or additional number parts.

  • $: Asserts the end of the string.

You can build, test, and debug your expressions on the regex101 page.

Deleting an attribute


Once these settings are set, you can also add Advanced Features, as required.

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