Security (2FA)

Account security is very important at Nalpeiron. Two-step verification protects your Zentitle2 account by requiring a second login step. That second step keeps your account secure, even if your password is compromised. Your account is managed, so your organization admin can require you to use two-step verification when you log in.

A One Time Password (OTP) or two-factor authentication should be set up by your Admin.

Using this screen, you will set up your secure login details.

Mobile Authenticator Setup

You need to set up a Mobile Authenticator to activate your account.

Install one of the following applications on your mobile device.

Note: it only works with these three

  1. Microsoft Authenticator

  2. FreeOTP

  3. Google Authenticator

In this example, we use Google Authenticator.

Finish setting up your security.

Your Authenticator is now ready to use to log in.

Login using OTP (2FA) Codes

Your account should be set up and ready to use your OTP codes.

You should now have a secure two-factor login process established.

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