Getting around

Zentitle2 has been designed to be simple and fast to use.
Zentitle has several functions, including setting up and managing your products and customers. However, almost everything can be done using APIs, not the user interface.

Left navigation

The left-hand navigation is made up of 3 main areas.
  1. 1.
    Daily use for customer management and analytics.
  2. 2.
    Product setup and management (Configuration)
  3. 3.
    Account setup and management (Account)

Daily customer management

Using the dashboard is helpful for quick access to at-a-glance data and click-through to detailed reports.
The Entitlements and Customer links help manage both areas in production.
The Offerings option is useful both in the initial setup and when you wish to add or change business models and SKUs you sell to your customers.

Product setup and management (Configuration)

At the outset of using Zentitle2, your product team will need to configure your products into the system. This is described in detail in the configuration help doc and tends to be a one-time initial setup with additions and changes as your business model morphs over time.

Account setup and management (Account)

The account setup is also a one-time setup in most cases. This is about adding your internal users and then getting the credentials the engineering team needs to integrate your apps with Zentitle.
In addition to the setup and testing phase, in the production phase, you may also want to deploy the end user portal and the networking functionality of the local license server. This is likely by your operations team at launch.
Dropdown menus and search uses a function we call "type ahead" due to the dropdown only having twenty items for speed and clarity. This allows you to start your request by typing, and the intelligent engine will display a tighter and tighter list of choices based on the number of characters you type - it simply makes life easier when searching for large lists in the dropdown dialog boxes.