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The “Product” in the Zentitle context typically refers to a given application or binary. License definitions are typically specific to a given product (i.e. a Word license may have features defined for access to dictionaries, thesaurus, etc., whereas an Excel license might have features related to pivot tables, etc.)

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How Products work

A product allows you to define the blueprint of an entitlement for each of your products (which features can be enabled/disabled, values for various attributes, and advanced features such as counters).

You can define as many products with as many attributes as you wish per your subscription level.

You can also set default values for each attribute at the product level that can be overridden at the edition or entitlement level.

Adding a Product

The Product option is located under the "Product Catalog" > "Products" on the left menu.

Once a product is created, you can edit the parameters you wish to use with it, as below.

Editing a product

If you just created the product, you will now be in the product section with five tabs and an edit button. If you are viewing your list of products, click on a product name in order to view or edit it.

You now have four initial options in the first tab:

Set a Lease Period (Required)

The lease period specifies the amount of time the application can run locally with a cached view of the license rights before forcing a refresh of those rights from the cloud-based server (or a local license server).

The lease period minimum value is 1 hour. A best practice is daily.

Think of this as a "heartbeat" time limit: how long before the remote node contacts the server for revalidation.

For some applications that are in an intermittent internet connectivity situation, a longer lease period will be more convenient for the user. Other situations may call for a more frequent check with the server. That's up to the customer to decide.

Note that the lease period is completely independent of the term of the license itself (the license could be perpetual, a subscription, etc.)

The following three settings are optional and use the same timing options:

Offline Lease Period

The amount of time that a local cached version of the entitlement can be treated as valid when activated using offline activation.

The offline lease period minimum value is 1 day.

Grace Period

A grace period is a specified amount of time a software vendor gives after a subscription (time-based) license has expired, during which the software can still be used without penalty or disruption.

The grace period minimum value is one day.

Linger Period

A linger period in software licensing refers to the minimum amount of time a license can be checked out - typically in a concurrent use license.

The linger period minimum value is 1 minute.



If you delete a product, you will also delete everything else "under" if including offerings - it's VERY dangerous to delete a product if you have actually used it with customers.

To learn what each of the values above means, refer to the Glossary here

Once you have added the basic values, you can click the other tabs to add more options as required.

Next, you can add feature controls to the standard product setup.

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