Local License Server (LLS)

The Zentitle2 Local License Server allows the vendor to deploy a docker-container based server to a given end-customer that does not want to (or cannot) allow an ongoing connection with the Zentitle2 cloud-based license server.

Once you have your Local License Server (LLS) running, you can delegate a given entitlement to that LLS by going to that entitlement and changing the 'Entitlement Host' to the appropriate LLS instance.

Set hosting for an entitlement to LLS

  • Go to the Entitlement to be delegated and click 'Edit' under Entitlement Host.

  • Set the Host to 'Local License Server'.

  • Pick the identifier of the Local License Server you will be exporting the entitlement to:

  • And then click on 'Export':

  • Download or copy the Entitlement Export Token and import it into the relevant LLS using the Swagger UI, which by default is at http://localhost:6501 on the machine running the LLS.

You can import the token using the LLS Swagger UI, available by default on http://localhost:6501/

You will need training and further details to access the Zentitle2 Local License Server.

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