Onboarding Process

To release a product to your customer with Zentitle2, you tend to follow a three-step basic process:

Add a product (and its parts) to Zentitle2.

Log in to the Zentitle dashboard, add a product and any features, custom attributes and advanced features you want to control with your licenses.
Step 1a: Add your editions, offerings, and customers

Integrate Zentitle licensing into your application.

  • For software that is on-premise, embedded in hardware, or in a Network: You will use the Zentitle client library or our Licensing API to add licensing to your application. We support many platforms and coding languages.
  • For SaaS applications: You won’t need to install the Zentitle client library; you can simply use our Management API to manage your licensing.

Automate your sales and back-office processes.

You can automate license provisioning in your order processes, e.g., e-commerce flows, payment processors, and CRMs, and integrate Zentitle with back office tools, e.g., ERP, Billing, etc. using our Management API.
You will learn some best practices during your onboarding workshop.