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The End User Portal (EUP) facilitates the review of entitlements and any "offline" activation that may be required. The entitlement screens can be restricted so users can't see the usage graphs—see setup.

The URL for the EUP is unique to your company, and that is what you will issue to your end-users for access e.g., https://yourco.eup.zentitle.io/

Access to the EUP can be via either of our Account Based Licensing (ABL) methods - internal username/password or via an iDP, e.g., Auth0, etc

The portal can be customized using your logo and styled via CSS per the previous page. In our examples, we will use the fictitious company "Elevate Software."

Login page

Here is the login page the end user will see once you issue them the custom URL to the EUP mentioned above. The custom logo has been added.

You can see the two methods for logging in—the first is using the "internal" username and password from Zentitle2, and the second is using your iDP via single sign-on (SSO).

Your end-user attached to a "Customer" will need to be sent access to the EUP, and only end users with an attached entitlement will get access to the EUP.

Using an iDP

Here is an example of an ISV like you setting up Auth0, which is the second option—you must set up this option in settings before it will function, obviously.

EUP Dashboard

When your end-users log in, the main page shows a list of their entitlements and the opportunity to perform an offline activation process. The end-user can filter their entitlements and download reports quickly and easily.


The views below are for the "admin" role for your end-users.

Admin users can see all the entitlements in their account.

Standard users can only view the entitlements to which they are attached.

Note: you can add your custom logo like this example, it displays on the left hand navigation

Offline Activation

This is only used in cases where the end user is not connected to the Internet - more details here.

Reviewing Entitlements

Clicking on an entitlement will provide details on the features and capabilities they purchased.

End users cannot edit this information; they can only review it.

There is no requirement to use an activation code.

Using the internal tabs on the entitlements: "activations" and "activation log," will allow your user to review their usage and any attached activation codes.

The activations tab shows the end user who is in their organization, which is attached to the entitlement and the status of that user.

The activation log shows the end user the activity on the entitlement over time.

Logging out

In the top right-hand corner, the user can easily log out or reset their password.

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