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User roles and permissions

Deleting is available only to users with the System Administrator role. If you don’t see this option, it means you don’t have permission to do it, and you should contact the person with admin rights.

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The table below illustrates the various granular roles and their permissions in the UI and the API.

The roles have been grouped by group role, e.g., 'Product management," as well as by individual role, e.g., admin, sales, support, and viewer, to match "jobs to be done" and their related permissions.

Role names and description

Display role nameRole permissions and abilities

Account Administrator

Has all account permissions to configure and manage accounts. Is the only role with delete permission.

Product Management

Ability to configure and manage the product catalog.

Application Development

Ability to create API keys and create customers and entitlements. Cannot specify webhooks or modify products / SKUs.

Back Office Integration

Ability to create API keys and specify webhooks. Cannot modify or set up products / SKUs.


Has read-only permissions to view product catalog, customers, and users. Ability to delete activations and add notes. Cannot edit entitlement details.


Ability to create and modify customers and entitlements. Cannot change products / SKUs.


Has read-only permissions to view product catalog, entitlements, customers, and users. Can add notes to entitlements and customers.

Permissions (per roles above)


EUP = End user Portal;

LLS = Local License Server;

ABL = Account based Licensing.

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