The Dashboard

The Zentitle2 dashboard provides a convenient overview of your account. Each widget on the dashboard can be clicked to drill down to further details regarding that particular metric.

The current dashboard has four main sections:

  1. Overview (platform use): this shows the four main categories in the product portfolio.

  2. Entitlements (churned): this shows entitlements that are expiring over time.

  3. Entitlements (churn risk): this shows entitlements that are expiring over time.

  4. Popular links: Useful links to the docs and APIs, etc

  5. Entitlements (sales): this shows the sales volumes of your offerings weekly.

  6. Entitlements (upsell opportunity/piracy risk): this shows clients that need more licenses either due to trying to overuse the entitlement or simply due to the need for more capacity.

You can click on any section and drill down into the data behind it. Doing so will lead to a report page that allows for filtering and export of the data.

This data can be very helpful in management meetings and planning or to encourage sales to prevent churn or upsell clients.

The dashboard is being constantly improved, with new options added over time. We apologize if this page lags the shipping of new versions!

The dashboard data is updated once per hour.

Associated reports

Clicking on a widget on the dashboard goes to the data behind it and the report you can use or modify as required.

For example, clicking on the 30-day expiry widget directly shows a report showing that data.

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