Zentitle has a very powerful and fast search function to help your support (and other) teams manage products, customers, etc.

To search for a given object, click on the magnifying icon in the search box at the top left of the toolbar and enter the search phrase into the search box.

All objects found that match the given query will be displayed as results.

All searches for IDs are case-sensitive

These are the currently supported search objects:

  • product id

  • customer id

  • offering id

  • entitlement id

  • activation id

Each result can be clicked on to go to that object to edit or to see details.

Search is very useful for customer support. Here is an example using an activation code a customer may need help with.

The search uses a function we call "type ahead" due to the dropdown only having twenty items for speed and clarity. This allows you to start your request by typing, and the intelligent engine will display a tighter and tighter list of choices based on the number of characters you type - it simply makes life easier when searching for large lists in the dropdown dialog boxes.

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