Maintenance options

Each Offering and Entitlement (inherited from the offering) can contain a maintenance option.

This can control whether users can update the application to a new version. For example, a user can buy a perpetual entitlement for v1 with maintenance for a year, and if v2 is released within a year, the user is entitled to this upgrade because they have the maintenance option enabled.

This feature can also be used to identify if the entitlement owner has a support package.

Maintenance is usually added to an entitlement by default when creating an offering, where the offering has your maintenance options added as required.

Therefore, when you add entitlements to an offering, it will inherit the maintenance options preset.

Editing an entitlement to add maintenance

If you choose not to add maintenance to the offering, you can still edit an entitlement and add this option after it is created.

If the plan type is anything but perpetual in the offering associated with the entitlement, that will be the only option.

Simply save the change; now this specific entitlement has the maintenance option attached.

If the offering had a perpetual plan, then an expiry date associated with the maintenance can also be edited.

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