Zentitle2 uses a range of ways to enable your business model in the field, from a simple SaaS-type deployment to a more complex on-premise or network deployment.

In a SaaS deployment, the APIs are used to authenticate your applications. In contrast, on-premise apps require a more complex client-server relationship between installed components on a desktop or in a network.

Zentitle2 covers all the bases and can mix and match them all within our platform in a single "pane of glass," so it doesn't matter if you use one or a mix of ways to deploy your products. You can pick the best way for your use case.

In general, no matter the deployment model, you will have a go-to-market strategy that uses a range of ways to describe the buying model you use for your customers. Again, we allow you to create a multi-layered, flexible way to "describe" your model and make it easy to map that to the "entitlements" that you sell.

Before you start coding your app, you must set up "products" in the Zentitle2 UI.

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