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We understand that everyone's business is different, and you and your team have specific needs for how you will use Zentitle to accomplish your software monetization goals.

There are many use cases for custom fields, especially related to your customers and what data you like to connect with them, such as account numbers, tax details, and links to other records in your systems, such as CRMs, ERP, billing, and in-house back-end systems. Custom fields are also great for storing extra data relating to the customer for analysis, contract numbers, additional contact details, sales stages, sales rep name, region, territory, support contracts, and all manner of data valuable for the sales and support teams.

You may also wish to create fields that act like internal "tags" where you have codes to identify groups of clients (e.g., VIP) or where you want to segment them in some fashion - it's all easy to do with custom fields.

The same idea applies to what you sell (offerings). You can go beyond a basic SKU and add specific codes for the offering that ties back to your systems, such as accounting, CRMs, ERPs, billing, and in-house back-end systems.

Zentitle provides a lot of flexibility with custom fields (string with a limit of 50 characters, mandatory). Custom fields allow you to store your specific attributes on the Customer and Offering objects.

You can also group (string with a limit of 50 characters, optional) these fields to make them more logical, as in the example below, where custom address fields are added to a group called "Address."

Before you start using "offerings" with Zentitle, be sure to add the custom fields you need to prevent the hassles of re-importing later, issues with duplicates, and poor data hygiene

To add a custom group of fields or individual fields, go to the settings > custom fields section.

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