Resetting the consumption token count

Once you have an entitlement setup using consumption tokens, you may need to manage the usage levels on these advanced features.
In certain cases, you may wish to leave an entitlement in place with a client and edit its usage levels vs. offering a new entitlement with more usage, etc.

How to reset the token count

To reset the consumption token count in the Zentitle2 UI, you first navigate to an entitlement with a token attached with some form of usage.
You can do this using search or the left-hand navigation to locate the entitlement you wish to change. Click on the entitlement in the list. Doing the latter to open the entitlement page and tab.
Scroll down the page to the Advanced Features section and choose the consumption token (s) you wish to edit.
On the right side of the token you will find a "three dots" menu option, click that option.
Click "Reset used count" to reset the token count.
Then click "reset" to complete the action
In this example, you can see there is a single use out of the 100 tokens available, and in this action, we will reset usage back to 0 i.e., the count will reset back to the original 100 available.
Above we can see that the action was completed successfully.