Change the offering (upgrade/downgrade)

Changing offerings on an entitlement is an important workflow for a Software Vendor - it means upgrading or downgrading the end users' rights, which needs to be fast and easy for both parties.
This functionality makes it easy - through both the UI and the API - to allow an upgrade/downgrade from one offering to another.
This functionality will enable a clean and controlled process to move customers between your products/plans/editions vs. manually editing an existing entitlement. It also means they will seamlessly get more/less functionality based on fixed templates in the system vs. random changes on a per-customer or entitlement basis. It is much easier to manage in the long term.
In many cases, you will sell your customers a specific set of rights, but they will want to change those over time. Upgrading, or downgrading, from one offering to another. To ensure this is controlled effectively, we use a specific routine, as below.
Remember, if you manually change an entitlement, doing an upgrade that adds features, etc, will NOT change the manual changes you made to that entitlement. Therefore, you should aim to make changes via this method, from one fixed offering to another, versus piecemeal changes for every entitlement to avoid issues with who has what.
If you wish to change the offering attached to an entitlement after you have added it, then you can do so and also remove the seats attached to the entitlement in the process.
To change the offering on an entitlement, pick one from the list.
Pick the 'three dots' icon on the top right.
Select 'Change Offering.'
Select the new offering from those available from the drop-down menu.
Decide if you wish to force a seat limit change at this time by selecting the radio button.
Click the "change" button to save the changes.
Values on the entitlement that have been overridden will not be modified.
Please note that you can't undo a change to an offering, but you can simply change it again. There is no log for these changes, so it's important to record what you do in your CRM/billing/ERP system and associate these changes with some billing event. The original order ref ID remains on the entitlement.
NOTES if the change is a downgrade: If the new Seat count is lower than the current Seats used, we force a seat count change by removing active seats. In the same way, we do with editing the seat count on an Entitlement.
If the value of Advanced features: elements used is higher than the new limit, we allow check-ins of elements only to prevent overuse and show a warning message.