For Product Managers

Benefits from a product manager's perspective

Break dependency upon engineering - Go to market faster

Remove long-standing dependencies upon Engineering so that you can focus on monetization and revenue generation. Once Zentitle is integrated, you can deliver your software and suites to your customers in new ways. Your plan-to-market fit becomes agile and dynamic. Change and adapt your offerings without having to go back to Engineering.

Drive revenues from your products - Monetize more effectively

Your monetization strategies are driven by Zentitle’s ability to deliver a full range of licensing models. These licensing models cover everything needed for B2C and B2B sales. Zentitle's full suite of licensing models can be blended as required to meet an incredible range of use cases from regular to custom to niche.

Managing entitlements is easier - Control and agility

Dynamic Entitlements mean that what a customer can and can't use can be changed anytime. When customers make further purchases of licenses or upgrades, their experience of your software becomes appropriately and automatically updated. No fuss. No phone calls are needed. No support tickets were generated. Free yourself from the constraints of lesser solutions, legacy solutions, or homegrown licensing.

Centralize your entitlements - Monetize all your products

Monetization of your entire product portfolio is possible with Zentitle. Zentitle can be used to license all kinds of products, including On-Premise/Server Software, SaaS, IoT, and hardware. If you are transitioning to offering SaaS versions of your products or are blending your installed software with a cloud-based element, Zentitle has what you need now and in the future.
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