End User Portal Setup

Setting up End User Portal (EUP) access (if you are using it)

If the End-User Portal is enabled on your account, you will also see the URL of that customer's end-user portal login on each Customer details page.

Additionally, you'll be able to set a username, email address, and password for that Customer's account on the End-User Portal, where they can see a view of all the entitlements tagged with that customer.

In order to access the End User Portal (EUP) you will need to add the customer admin information used by the End User Portal (EUP).

You can now see the saved details and use these to access the End User Portal (EUP).

Click or copy the end user portal details (below the Details header and edit button) above.

For example, if the End User Portal (EUP) is enabled in your account, you get a unique URL, for you and each customer e.g.: https://youraccountname.eup.zentite.io/sign-in?customerId=cust_JVhjN3qro0aOipR0_Qfk2w

The Customer ID is also found in the above section.

If you have added these, the link will pre-populate the Customer ID.

Use the "customer" link to access the unique EUP for that specific customer, enter the credentials you just created, and click sign in.

This will allow you and your customer to access the End User Portal (EUP) and see only the entitlements for that specific customer, along with graphs of usage (if you allow it).

The end user portal is also used to manage "offline activation."

Learn more about the End User Portal

Note: this style of authentication for end-customer users will be upgraded to support 3rd party IDP-based approaches in the future.

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